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  • Can the day trip be done with toddlers?

Of course! We will be delighted to show the youngest and the oldest the fauna, the flora, and the bewitching landscapes of Martinique from the sea! Our excursions are thus open to toddlers under the responsibility of the parents of course. Think about wearing sun protection and appropriate clothing (to avoid sunburn), and, especially, think about hydration during the day.

Accessibility Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

You are Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM), contact us for a dolphin outing or a Diamond Rock outing, we will do everything to adapt to your reduced mobility and make you enjoy a unique experience with dolphins on Kokoumdo.

For your comfort, remember to:

  • mask and snorkel (we avoid flippers to protect our corals)
  • t-shirt, pareo to protect yourself from the sun and the cool at the end of the day
  • bath towel
  • sunscreen 50, hat/cap, sunglasses (with cord because the wind is a thief) ︎
  • no special shoes on board, we stay barefoot
  • Can we swim with dolphins?

“Swimming with dolphins” is forbidden, it constitutes “harassment” against these animals, while in the middle of a marine sanctuary. The immersion of a human in the vicinity of a cetacean generally causes the interruption of the animal’s feeding and reproductive activity, the break-up of the group, and the separation of the newborns from their mothers. In addition, it’s dangerous for the client who, in most cases, is totally unfamiliar with the environment and marine mammals.

  • Can we swim with turtles?

Swimming with turtles is allowed, but you will be asked to strictly respect some basic rules. It is strictly forbidden to touch the turtles and to swim above them. This could disturb them and hinder their evolution in their natural space. We must always remember to respect these underwater animals, and never to disturb them, especially not for our own simple pleasure.

Mike and his team will give you all the necessary instructions so that you can enjoy a breathtaking water show while respecting these marvellous animals.
We must respect their evolution and not disturb them.

  • Do we exclusively navigate by sail?

We sail when the weather permits and out of respect for the environment. The motors are used to compensate for the lack of wind.